Canon - EOS Rebel

$599.99 $649.99

This is a sample product that has Three upsell offers connected to it. 

Here's the details of all the offers on this product:

  1. Offer One when you click Add to cart from this page 
  2. Offer Two - When landing on the Cart because you added this Camera you'll get offered a Free Gift (This requires the Product Discount app) You can use this feature for BOGO sales such as Buy One Get One Free, or Spend $100 get a free gift etc... 
  3. Offer Three -  When you Finally click Checkout later on from the cart there will be an offer based on what's in your cart. 
Stores that offer a good complementary products see up to 40% conversion on their offers! 

Go ahead and click "Add To Cart" and see what happens. Then when you get to the cart page click "Checkout" and see the the other offers. 

*Keep in mind it's probably not a good idea to use three offers on one product like this, we just set this up to show the possibilities. 

Can you imagine how you could use that in your store?

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