Why does my upsell offer not show up when I click checkout? 

If you are testing it out on your website and you are sure that you are adding items to the cart that should trigger the offer but it is still not showing up it can be because of two reasons.

Possible reason #1 - Duplicate product.  If the upsell offer that is supposed to be triggered has a product in it that is already in the shopping cart the offer will not be presented. It wouldn't make sense if someone buys something and then is offered the exact same thing again at checkout, so it is smart and knows not to offer something if it's already in the customers cart

Possible reason #2 - Clicking checkout too fast.  Because of the nature of the app it does not function if you click the checkout button before the basket page has fully loaded. It needs to know what is in the cart to offer the correct upsell so it waits for the page to load. Generally the basket page loads in about 1-2 seconds so this isn't an issue, but often when testing we quickly click checkout and so we won't see the upsell offer. This will rarely ever happen with a real customer as they will look at their basket for more than 1-2 seconds to confirm that they have the right items in their cart before they hit checkout. 

What happens if the customers’ basket triggers more than one offer?

Currently all of the offers will display at checkout.  So if you have an offer that checks to see if the cart value is over 100$ and a second offer that checks if they bought a specific item; and the customer qualifies for both offers, we will present the collections for both offers.  

We understand that this may not be suitable for all stores, so we are currently working on an enhancement that will give you the ability to decide if we should only display one of the two offers that qualify on checkout or still display them all.  We will let you know when this is complete.  

How many products can I include in an offer?

You can add as many as you like, there is no limit. HOWEVER, we have found that 1 or 2 products per offer seem to get a much higher conversion rate then when there are more than that. One product per offer is best in our opinion.  Remember, it is an upsell offer and you don't want to confuse the customer. You simply want to offer them a product that compliments their purchase. 

What if I only have a certain quantity of stock of the products to offer?

That's no problem! When you create the offer select the box that says "Hide products that are out of stock" This way it will not offer the product if it is not available. 

I don't see my upsell collection listed in my upsell admin panel?

The collection that you create for the offer needs to be a Custom collection, not a smart collection. Most of the times that this happens it's because it's a smart collection. If you're sure it's a custom collection and you still don't see it try re-installing the app. If you do that and you're still not seeing it show up you can get in touch with us over at our Support Page. 

Is there a limit to the number of upsell offers I can offer?

Absolutely not! In fact for 10 or more offers it's a flat rate of just $59/month (that's only about $2 per day) so put as many in as you can! We have found that stores that create a unique offer for each collection in their store see the highest rates of conversion on their offers. 
For every collection of products on your store you might sell different items that would be a great complimentary upsell for them.  So when someone buys a leather jacket don't offer them the same thing as when they buy a dress shirt. For example when they buy the leather jacket offer them a leather treatment kit, and when they buy the dress shirt offer them a tie! With targeted offers like this you'll see a much higher conversion rate. 

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