Integrating the Product Upsell App in to your store is quick and easy! Within 5 minutes you can start offering upsells on every checkout on your website.  Here's a quick video to help you get started!


There are two main ways that you can offer upsells to customers: based on the total dollar amount of the checkout or based the products in their cart and what collections the products  are from.  The more precise you are with your offers the more success you will see.  If you just offer one generic upsell for all purchases through your website you will see some success, but nowhere near the level of success you will see if you create multiple offers for all the different collections of price ranges and products you sell.

Let's Get Started!

Before you create an offer from your Upsell admin panel you'll need to create that offer in your store first. The offers are actually custom collections so you'll need to create a custom collection from your Shopify store's admin panel that has the product, or products, in it that you want to offer. 
Create the offer collection. In your store's admin create a custom collection and give it a name so you'll know what offer it is. For example "Offer - Necklace". This might be an offer for a necklace at 40% off if someone buys something from the collection "Earrings." In this collection you'll want to put the product, or products, that you would like to offer as an upsell at checkout. This can be one, or many items, there is no limit.
QUICK TIP - We find that  1 or 2 products per offer seems to be the best. You don't want to confuse the customer. Imagine you went to a store and bought something and then they offered you 10 more items at checkout... it would confuse you! But if they just offer one product very specifically related to your purchase there is a good chance you'll take it!
Please keep in mind that when you add a product to the offer collection and reduce that product by 40% to make it an upsell product, it will also reduce it by 40% wherever that product is in your store because it is the same product. So let's say we ONLY want to offer that necklace at %40 off if they're buying earrings. To do this you'll want to duplicate the product (in this case the necklace) and then reduce the price of the duplicate by 40% (the one that you put in the upsell offer collection)
QUICK TIP - Remember to always use the "Compare At" Price. This will be used when the offer is presented to your customer
The final thing you'll want to do is make that collection Hidden. Some Shopify themes automatically show every collection you make but you can make it invisible in your regular store as it is only going to be used for upsell offers. After you create the collection on the screen where you select the products to put in it scroll down to the bottom and change it from "Published" to "Hidden"
QUICK TIP - Try creating a few different offers to start. Remember, you can present offers to customers based on their checkout price, or by the collections of products they buy. So you might want  to create offers such as Offer - $1-25, Offer - $26-50, Offer - $51-100, Offer - $101- 200 etc etc...

You're Ready to Create the Offer!

Now that you've got all your upsell offers created in your store you're ready to create the offer in the Upsell Admin panel. To access your Upsell admin panel you can login to your Shopify store and then you can access it through the apps dropdown.
Let's create the offer. From within your Product Upsell admin panel click on "Create New". This is the screen where you will create your offer. The fields on this screen are pretty self explanatory but we'll discuss each one here in detail.
Offer Name: This is just an internal name that will help you recognize the offer from your dashboard. The customers will not see this.
Offer Title: This is the heading, or title, that will stand out to the customer as soon as they click checkout. Try to grab their attention in a few words. Use phrases like "Don't forget these!",  "Hey, You might like this!" or "Don't Forget Batteries!" 
Description: This is where you can enter a little more detail about why you are offering them this product. Be witty and fun here and make sure you give them a good reason why they are getting the offer. For example you might use phrases like:  "Because you are spending more than $ 100 we would like to offer you...."  or "Based on the contents of your cart we would like to offer you this widget for 50% off..."
Collection: Select the upsell collection you created in your Shopify store's admin that you would like to show to your customer at checkout
Options: Here is where you set your triggers. You can present this offer based the price range of the cart, the products that the customer is buying, or even a combination of both. For example you might offer golf balls for half price to anyone that buys something from the "Golf Clubs" collection that is between $300 - $1,000. You can also set date ranges here if you only want to offer this upsell during a certain time. 
Once you have everything the way you like it hit "Create" and your offer will be live! If you click on "Current Offers" you should see it listed there. From this screen you can also preview it, edit it and delete it. Now that 's live if you go to your store and add product to your basket that would trigger this offer and click checkout you should see the offer.
Special Note: One thing we would like to point out is that your basket page needs to fully load before you click on the checkout button. For most stores this only takes between 1-2 seconds but for some stores with lots of apps this may take a bit longer. So if you don't see the offer when you click checkout and you know that it should be triggers by contents of the cart try waiting another second or two before you click checkout.

Don't Stop There!

Now that you've created your first offer don't stop there! The more specific your offers are to collections of products and dollar amounts spent the better the success rate you will see. Try creating more offers and try to make them as relevant to the customers cart as possible.


We have an excellent team here at Bold and if you have any questions at all please feel free to visit our Support Page - we'd be happy to help!